“The treatment was excellent.  It felt comfortable at all times.  The implants feel looser, softer and more rounded as a result of the tightness being working on.”
Mastectomy scar, June 2017


“My scar feels less tight and I’m able to move my arm easier, thanks!”
Breast Lumpectomy and Mastectomy scar, June 2017


I had a motorbike accident when I was 18 years old.  This resulted in my need of an operation on my right shoulder.  I am now 56 years old and have had this scar for 38 years. The scar was wide and tight.  I have never had any work done to the scar until Charlotte, who was being trained in ScarWork, began working on my scar.  The transformation was incredible.  After just one treatment the tightness has gone and it is no longer fierce looking and ridged.  I am amazed at the results.  Thank you Charlotte
Shoulder scar, July 2015


Sport & Remedial

“The most wonderful, thorough and expert massage. Totally recommend all to visit Charlotte. Thank you.”
Remedial, Alison 2017


Ashton Shuttleworth

“I was first introduced to Charlotte at Henley whilst competing for London Rowing Club, her sports massage gave welcome relief to tired legs from intensive racing over the Henley week. I have since regularly used Charlotte to complement the training schedule followed by top level club oarsman and it has and is paying dividends. Her massage aids recovery and also prevents injuries from getting worse or happening at all, and have happily recommended her to fellow athletes”.

Ashton Shuttleworth


“Charlotte played a key part in the preparation for my 2003 solo expedition to the North Geographic Pole. A combination of hard training, insufficient rest and high levels of stress is usually a recipe for disaster, but thanks to her expertise, and regular treatments, I remained fit and injury free during the build-up to the expedition. Charlotte is a consummate professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone”.
Ben Saunders – Adventurer


“I find sports massage a great way to relieve the build up of muscle tension from physical exercise as well as from every day postural imbalances. Charlotte’s hands-on stretching techniques have really helped me, and since working with her over the past year I have definitely noticed an improvement in my movement”.
Joanna Hall – TV Diet and Fitness Expert                       www.joannahall.com

“Remedial massage after a sporting activity is an obvious benefit to a sports-person. A known fact is that deep friction massage can reduce the recovery time of an injury by a third. Innovative stretching techniques to maintain and improve muscular flexibility and performance are also vital to the serious competitive sports-person. A good enthusiastic knowledge of biomechanics is a rare advantage. I was amazed when I first went to see Charlotte as she possesses and applies all of the above. I thought this knowledge and ability existed only in the elite Australian sports camps but it’s alive and well in Battersea. If you’re serious about performance or just want to stop the body hurting, Charlotte’s ‘Vital Hands‘ are a must”.
Nick Derbyshire – ex-pro cricketer – Lancs & Essex


“I visited Charlotte at Vital Hands in the 4 months prior to the 2003 Marathon des Sables. Charlotte’s treatment was particularly effective in treating a case of Iliotibial Band Syndrome I experienced during my 60 – 80 mile training programme. Charlotte’s weekly sports massage prevented any further injury. I have no doubt that this allowed me to successfully complete the event. I would recommend Charlotte to any runner wishing to maintain an injury free running programme”.
Alastair Hay – Ultra distance runner


“Charlotte was recommended to us when we were training for the London Marathon. We had both picked up injuries prior to the race and also suffered often with sore and tired muscles. She treated us both several times during the weeks leading up to the race, paving the way for us to succeed in completing the race and helping us both to recover afterwards. Her professionalism and care were greatly appreciated”.
David and Jan Poole – Marathon Runners

“Charlotte helped in my preparation for the Marathon des Sables 2002, a 150 mile foot race across the Sahara Desert. Charlotte’s sports massages helped in generally loosening my leg muscles after training, and in specifically aiding the recovery of a swollen Achilles. The regular treatments significantly improved my recovery”.
Handle Matthews – IT Director and Desert Ultra-Marathon Runner

“After an articulated lorry crushed my leg and put paid to the Marathon des Sables 2003, Charlotte’s vital hands restored my leg to full exercise in no time. Having experienced deep sports massage before I and my orthopaedic surgeon were amazed at the speed of recovery. I now plan to run the New York marathon 2003, unthinkable 6 months ago. Her professionalism and humour sets Charlotte apart from routine sports therapists. I and Olympic athletes cannot all be wrong, she is fantastic”.
David Roberts – Facial Plastic Surgeon

“Working in the same profession as Charlotte, I know an excellent sports massage when I have one. And Charlotte knows exactly what she’s doing. She is professional, enthusiastic and has a great sense of fun. With regular treatments she relieves muscle tension, aches and soreness leaving me feeling invigorated and refreshed. I have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte to anyone”.
Joanne Holm – Massage Practitioner and Beauty Therapist


“I use deep tissue sports massage to relieve postural tension created as a result of long hours sitting in front of a pc at work. Regular massage with Charlotte has helped to keep my postural imbalances in check along with helping to alleviate pain due to pre existing lumbar and thoracic back problems. I recommend Charlotte’s treatment for beating the day to day stresses of life, not just for those suffering from sporting injuries”.
Julie Scott


“I’ve found during two pregnancies that I experience a general tightening of muscles especially in my legs and lower back as my pregnancy develops. The changes to my balance and posture as my bump gets bigger seem to cause a mix of aches and pains. Working with Charlotte I have been able to achieve a general release of tension in my body which has relieved aches and pains and generally left me much more able to relax. I feel certain that with Charlotte’s help I will be a long way towards achieving my goal of having a second relaxed and drug free birth experience”.
Deborah Doy – Mother

“Some fifteen years ago while working in the garden that I love, I pulled a muscle in my hip. My GP told me I would “have to learn to live with it” even though it all but prevented me gardening. However, with the help of regular treatments, Charlotte has eased the muscle back into use and I now barely feel it”.
Anne Landsbert – grandmother, gardener and golfer


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